Architecture is about finding good solutions that cover current and future needs in a good and lasting way.

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Architect Bjørnådal works with plan and opportunity analysis and architecture.
All successful assignments start with a thorough description of the customer's needs. With many years of experience, we have a lot to offer. We focus on cultivating good and unique solutions that are in line with the environment.


We have experience with all types of buildings, both for private individuals and the public sector. A number of assignments are about new buildings, but we also take on projects within building renewal, including rehabilitation, extensions, renovation and reallocation of existing buildings.


In the case of building renovation and extensions, the architects' competence is very important. This helps to anticipate and solve the challenges that often exist in old buildings. By taking these challenges into account from the start, you will save both time and large expenses.


Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio delivers architectural services throughout Norway, based on Averøy outside Kristiansund on Nordmøre.

Contact us if you have questions, or want to know more about our services.


Since Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio was established in 2007, the goal has been to meet customers' needs and wishes with architecture that harmonizes with style, personal preferences, nature and surroundings.


We have a vision to explore architecture with a more artistic approach to the world.


Exploring people, landscapes, cultures, sociology, myths and stories helps to create projects that are relevant to people and people's experience of the world in our modern society.


We have broad expertise and many years of experience in designing everything from sketch projects to completion certificates in both the private and public sectors.

This includes planning, area planning, construction, visualisations and area planning. No architectural challenges are too small or too big.


We use everything from digital visualizations to hand drawing and physical models. This breadth means that projects are clearly communicated to customers and planning authorities, and helps to ensure good cooperation. We are concerned with involving the client and users as much as possible through frequent working meetings during the process.


Sustainability and durability are key values for us. That is why we are always looking for energy-saving solutions and durable materials. In many of our projects, we have also reused materials from existing buildings.



2003 Bergen Arkitekt Skole
2003 UiB - Sosialantropologi
2002 UiB - Anvendt Landskapsøkologi
1997 NTNU – Filosofihistorie


2009 NAL 100 års jubileum styringsgruppe
2007 Styremedlem i NAF
2007 Rana Arkitektlag


2018 Visiting artist ALN, New York
2017 Visiting professor Bergen Arkitektskole
2016 Workshop Zengarden Litauen.
2016 Biennale de Venezia
2015 Klemet - Scenography
2014 Ar(c)t(ic)tribes seminar 2 – Lecture
2013 ISB Summerschool, Artena Roma
2012 Workshop - Nomad City
2011 Arkitekturens år 2011 i Mo i Rana
2008 Photoworkshop Ketil Born Iceland
2007 Photoworkshop Ketil Born Venezia
2003 Urban Nomad published in Byggekunst


2019 Honourable Mention, DNA Paris
2018 Winner APDC*IDA
2018 WAN-Awards – Runner up
2018 Winner German Design Award
2017 Winner American Architecture Awards
2016 Winner American Architecture Awards
​2016 WAN-Awards – Runner up
2015 Architizer A+awards – Runner up




Award- DNA Paris
Architizer A+ Award
WAN Award
IDA-winner seal
American Arcitecture Prize 2016
American Arcitecture Prize 2017
German Design Council